the king in the north!

I remember the first time I watched Game of Thrones. That show censors nothing. But it’s the best show on television. And I picked up a lot from it. About the nature of people, friends and enemies alike. The reality is that it’s innate for us to want. We takes sides based on who feeds our interests. Even if it means tearing families, friends, lovers apart.

Its rare gems in the world that truly have a goodness and bring about them wherever they go. We tend to shred at our heroes, and search for news ones that match the image that has been imposed on us. A white male in a sick suit will come save us from the dooms to come. That’s the ideology that we have grown up with. But Game of Thrones confronts this and shows us that “not all heroes wear capes.”

jon snow, a bastard, outcast, unloved unwanted.

deanarys, a woman, objectified, unloved, unwanted.

tyrion Lannister, a dwarf, ostracized, unloved, unwanted.

Sometimes heroes are right there in front of us, they just don’t happen to be wearing a iron suit, or carry a shield made of the strongest metal on earth. But they are there. They come in the form of mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, etc. and they are always making sure you come home safe and sound.

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